Monday, November 14, 2011

the normal kind of luck

It would be impossible to describe the amount of strange misfortune that has been going on of late. It's a bit outlandish really, however Most Definitely comical.
It would seem that things are resistant to falling into place for us easily at this point in life, so we shall have to resort to [sometimes irritatedly] forcing forward.
It is funny how a person can feel that all they've gt is bad luck sometimes, but if we are honest I think we might find that we have been overwhelmingly blessed in the past and the times we are coming on now are simply marked by Normal Luck.

dangit. we are normal.

NONETHELESS, my apologies for the lack of attention to this shop. Ideas are brewing & hopefully time, energy, better luck & a freer sort of creativity will find me soon. [or more simply, the time to unpack & organize my sewing room.]


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Etsy Site Opening . [SM]

Some things are finally posted.
I hope that you'll meander over to our Etsy site, and have a look around.

All of our things have been created from recycled fabric, and repurposed clothes. In the near future, we'll also have a few vintage items for sale as well.

If you're in need of some convincing, rest easy, I've included some pictures of what you might find over yonder. 


'black cotton.'

'simple white.'

custom project.

'The Marvelous Mistake.'

'Sweet little hippie.'

'The Marvelous Mistake.'

You can follow the link below, or you can simply go to and search for 'slate & sable' in the shops category. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stay tuned. [SM]

dresses are being pressed..
models wrangled..
scraps stitched..
photos edited..

and quite soon, Slate & Sable on Etsy  will be up for business, with many beautiful reconstructions & vintage items for your purchasing pleasure.

do stay tuned.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

up to . [SM]

Certainly it has been a busy couple of weeks.
An odd and tiring mix of work and play have soaked up the time. Thus I feel like I've abandoned slate & sable a little bit lately. Not to my satisfaction however, of course.
Nonetheless, we have survived and even have something to show for it I think. I hope you'll enjoy the little hints of our life I've put together for you to see.

This is what I've been up to ::

a Project for 'Sassy sisters'

cutting cutting cutting

stitching on the letters.


and ready to go.
here's a little taste of what the sisters do.

finally into place at the festival.
certainly they were sweet to include my art among their things.
[little suitcase. I love.]

festival life.
for 11 days my husband, his brothers, and I ran a stage at a music festival. it was a lovely, wild, tiring, and sweaty sweaty time.

Los Straitjackets.

to say that it rained quite a lot would certainly be an understatement.

Missing sweet friends. & Cherishing small things.

someone's lovely locks.

table weeds.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

A much idolized artist of mine
cellar door

an especially girlish post . [SM]

here a just a couple of my favorite things.

Honey & Sugar face Scrub/Mask .
 An especially thrifty and beautiful friend of mine once suggested this to me and when I finally got around to trying it, I very much liked the results.
I did equal parts sugar & honey, it is quite a nice compliment to any longlong bath. & far more delicious and inexpensive than it's chemically competition. 

Triple Butter Soap, Sandlewood, & Patchouli [my undying favorite].

& slightly unrelated but equally loved...

Why, feathers of course. 
tied in hair, sewn into a sultry dress, on the wall, at the end of the chain around your neck, any place is sweet enough.

oh, isn't it obvious. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


For my dear friends in PA,

while my husband & I are here in town, I am offering my services to complete your daunting little sewing tasks. 
[hemming, patching, altering, or simply rearranging and gussying up your old, tired things.]

In return I'll be asking about $10 for an hour [with an hours work minimum, if possible]

a few guesses on how long various projects may take::
sewing on a button or two  .  10 min
Jeans  .   1/2 hour for a pair
Simple dress hem  .  45 min
Taking a dress in  .  1/2 hour for pinning, 1 hour to sew
formal dress tailoring  .  2-3 hours [depending on what is needed]
[my favorite thing to do] Redesigning & Gussying  .  1-4 hours

I realize this is not very definitive, so if you've got some things you need mended and such, or something you're just not quite ready to give to goodwill,  just call or email me & I can certainly give you a more accurate number. I do believe I can honestly commit that there is no task to big or small & I am looking forward [nearly ecstatic] to work on these new projects.

Sara Marie Thompson  .  434.942.6300
 ["attn: SM" or "alterations" in the subject line]

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the natalie dress

here is another little peak of what sorts of things are to come very soon on our ETSY.

perfectly suited for the perfectly short.
[or a nice shirt for the woman of a more "lengthy" stature]

Size Small & lined with The Beatles.

love you natalie .

Monday, July 25, 2011

uniquely complimentary .

us two are quite different. however, quite well suited I think.

 leftSABLE     &     right, SLATE.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

nearing absurd

I should say, it's well past time for me to invest in a dress form.


... this is getting ridiculous.

. signed SM;  the one whose sanity is slip, slip, slipping away with every pin that goes into my rear by accident.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

project for Whitely Marie.

As I was making tshirts a few weeks ago for the band I came across one little tank that immediately brought my lovely sewing partner to mind. [She is after all one of StarlineDrive's best dressed fans, to be sure.] Well, after much procrastination I have finally finished it, and as I stitched the last of the crooked stitches for her I decided it might be fun to put together a little 'how to wear me' illustration book to send along.

for you,   a little taste of what 'Slate&Sable' have brewing up,
and for Whitely Marie,   a preview of what is soon to find it's way to her doorstep.

For your viewing pleasure;     Tiny Tank, Illustrated. 

[note: the use of suspenders in daily life is highly suggested by these two]
[yes, it is quite a good practice, I do believe.]

yes indeed, we wear our tags on the outside.


Meet the Artist, Sara Marie.
The SABLE portion of this collaboration.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the honeymoon room - saramarie

For 31 days we had been living from a couple of suitcases. and even a few after that. in fact, the story that has made ours a summer of moving is quite a long one.  thus, in short...
we have finally made it to our semi permanent home [of most likely two months]. and in this house full of brothers, one of which being my husband granted, I have put many a thought into how to make our room a lovely little place for us [& me] to be.  a haven of sorts.
it so happens that this house is the one where my husband lived while we were engaged, AND where we planned to land when we were wed, until other plans landed us in Virginia. So you can imagine that this house was left behind and sealed in a way, full to the brim with all my musings of housewifery & new inloveness. A mystery it is almost unbearable to wait upon.

surely more romantic days are having us now, as we galavant around with our shabby suitcases and many guitars. free finally of a few of those things that took us away from this house to begin with.

it is certainly an unusual, desirable irony that our new leaf will start us in the same house.
we are back in the honeymoon room. & I've just painted it to my [ecstatic] pleasure.


the workspace

the borrowed machine. [mine is stubburn & ever on the fritz]

suitcase in for a nap

the process of painting