Monday, November 14, 2011

the normal kind of luck

It would be impossible to describe the amount of strange misfortune that has been going on of late. It's a bit outlandish really, however Most Definitely comical.
It would seem that things are resistant to falling into place for us easily at this point in life, so we shall have to resort to [sometimes irritatedly] forcing forward.
It is funny how a person can feel that all they've gt is bad luck sometimes, but if we are honest I think we might find that we have been overwhelmingly blessed in the past and the times we are coming on now are simply marked by Normal Luck.

dangit. we are normal.

NONETHELESS, my apologies for the lack of attention to this shop. Ideas are brewing & hopefully time, energy, better luck & a freer sort of creativity will find me soon. [or more simply, the time to unpack & organize my sewing room.]


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