Tuesday, July 19, 2011

project for Whitely Marie.

As I was making tshirts a few weeks ago for the band I came across one little tank that immediately brought my lovely sewing partner to mind. [She is after all one of StarlineDrive's best dressed fans, to be sure.] Well, after much procrastination I have finally finished it, and as I stitched the last of the crooked stitches for her I decided it might be fun to put together a little 'how to wear me' illustration book to send along.

for you,   a little taste of what 'Slate&Sable' have brewing up,
and for Whitely Marie,   a preview of what is soon to find it's way to her doorstep.

For your viewing pleasure;     Tiny Tank, Illustrated. 

[note: the use of suspenders in daily life is highly suggested by these two]
[yes, it is quite a good practice, I do believe.]

yes indeed, we wear our tags on the outside.

p.s. COMING SOON,  http://www.etsy.com/shop/slateandsable?ref=pr_shop

Meet the Artist, Sara Marie.
The SABLE portion of this collaboration.

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