Sunday, July 17, 2011

the honeymoon room - saramarie

For 31 days we had been living from a couple of suitcases. and even a few after that. in fact, the story that has made ours a summer of moving is quite a long one.  thus, in short...
we have finally made it to our semi permanent home [of most likely two months]. and in this house full of brothers, one of which being my husband granted, I have put many a thought into how to make our room a lovely little place for us [& me] to be.  a haven of sorts.
it so happens that this house is the one where my husband lived while we were engaged, AND where we planned to land when we were wed, until other plans landed us in Virginia. So you can imagine that this house was left behind and sealed in a way, full to the brim with all my musings of housewifery & new inloveness. A mystery it is almost unbearable to wait upon.

surely more romantic days are having us now, as we galavant around with our shabby suitcases and many guitars. free finally of a few of those things that took us away from this house to begin with.

it is certainly an unusual, desirable irony that our new leaf will start us in the same house.
we are back in the honeymoon room. & I've just painted it to my [ecstatic] pleasure.


the workspace

the borrowed machine. [mine is stubburn & ever on the fritz]

suitcase in for a nap

the process of painting


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